• This rabbit, that rabbit... fat rabbit, flat rabbit - this is a hilarious rhyming book starring two fabulous rabbits. (And an armadillo!) It uses simple word play to encourage early literacy,  its rhyming text and humorous illustrations will start your child on a journey to a lifelong love of books. 

    4,49 €
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  • Bright, bold backgrounds and full colour photography join to make a vibrant, visual combination which immediately captures children's attention and interest. Fascinating first facts are presented in fun, quirky rhymes which children will love to listen to or read. Suitable for babies and toddles who will be captivated by the pictures, up to independent...

    5,99 € 8,15 € -26.5%
    Použitá - Veľmi dobrý
  • This beautifully illustrated book with embossed pages features 16 traditional lullabies. CD which comes with the book includes sing-along versions of each lullaby featured. Includes children's favourites such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby or Sleep Baby Sleep.

    7,99 € 13,59 € -41.2%
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  • It's Harry's first day at school. He and his dinosaurs are very excited - and perhaps a little bit nervous. But when Harry's dinosaur friends don't join him in the classroom, Harry's not so sure he's going to like school. There is another boy who's really unhappy too - can the dinosaurs come to the rescue and make school fun for both of them?...

    4,99 € 8,15 € -38.8%
    Použitá - Veľmi dobrý
  • The dragons in the forest of Nogard like nothing better than raiding Castle Dark and carrying off princesses to eat. One of the dragons, however, is different. Herb is a kindly vegetarian, but the people who capture him don't seem to care... Follow the adventures of Herb and Meathook dragons when the knights of Castle Dark decide that the time has come to...

    6,99 € 13,59 € -48.6%
    Použitá - Veľmi dobrý
  • This collection of well-known fairy tales is brought to life with beautiful illustrations and lively text, making an ideal book for parents and young children to enjoy together.

    7,99 € 17,67 € -54.8%
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  • Meet some of the bravest and most beautiful horses in fiction, such as Black Beauty and Pegasus, in this wonderful treasury. It includes a fabulous mix of well-loved classics, legends and folktales from all around the world. Tales by well-known authors including Anna Sewell and Lewis Carroll are brought to life with charming illustrations, making this a...

    9,99 € 19,49 € -48.75%
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  • The encyclopedia covers key curriculum topics including geography, physics, biology, chemistry, history, science, and technology. Hundreds of accessible and fun, flashcard-style facts provide key information making it easy to learn about animals, famous historical figures, planets, climate change, and more. With stunning photography and innovative graphics.

    10,99 € 25,39 € -56.7%
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  • Roald Dahl's irreverent and hilarious collection, Revolting Rhymes. Think again if you thought you knew the stories of some of the most popular fairy tales. Here are six of the best known retold, with more than a twist or two, by the master of the comic and the blood-curdling. Illustrated in full colour by Quentin Blake.

    5,99 € 10,87 € -44.9%
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  • This chunky board book contains a collection of much-loved nursery rhymes for young children to read aloud and share. Includes favourites such as Incy Wincy Spider, Little Miss Muffet, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Humpty Dumpty. Each rhyme is illustrated with bright and colourful illustrations that young children will love.

    6,99 € 17,67 € -60.45%
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