• What are all these busy babies up to? Wriggling, playing, crying, smiling, yawning, sleeping - there are lots of babies to look at and talk about with your very own baby.

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  • Znížená cena! Nové

    A chunky, tabbed board book with a soft padded cover that will captivate children for hours with its enchanting piggy tales. Enjoy 3 stories about Princess Peppa and Sir George the Knight, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, and pirate adventures with Dog Beard and Captain Hog. Peppa Pig books are interactive and educational, ideal for...

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  • Click-clack, clicketty-clack, whooeee! Disaster! The fast train to Pebblecombe has broken down. Everyone on the train wants to get to the fair and enjoy a great day out but now they're all stuck on the tracks. It is up to the Little Red Train and Duffy Driver to save the day! With a brilliant story CD featuring music and sound effects.

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  • Professor Puffendorf is a world-class inventor: where would any of us be without her Unburnable Toast or her Smell-o-Telephone? She shares her laboratory with her much-loved guinea pig Chip, and Enzo, her lazy assistant. When Professor leaves Enzo to look after her guinea-pig and her top-secret potions, he hatches a wicked plan. But there's no happy...

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  • Travel back in time in this spell-binding biography based on Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks and told by his ten year old apprentice Giacomo, who was taught all kinds of lessons by his wise and visionary master. Illustrated by award winning artist Bimba Landmann's rich and mysterious paintings, and incorporating many Leonardo's original words and sketches,...

    7,49 € 14,95 € -49.9%
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  • Discover a world of magic, adventure and 'happily ever after'. Wander through the forest with Hansel and Gretel, climb up to a giant's castle with Jack and the Beanstalk, and dance at he ball with Cinderella! This beautiful collection contains eight favourite classic fairytales faithfully adapted from traditional sources and includes stories from Hans...

    8,99 € 19,49 € -53.85%
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  • Inspired by folktales around the world, from the mountains of Nepal to the plains of North America, this book is essential reading for any child who wants the thrill of meeting some of the world's outlandish creatures! A highly interesting topic for reluctant readers as well as for children who devour books. Masterfully written and beautifully illustrated...

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  • Explore a galaxy far, far away! Visit strange worlds, discover alien creatures, and meet new heroes along the way. You'll travel from the deserts of Jakku to the frozen forests of Starkiller Base, and blast off for adventure in the famous Millennium Falcon once more. Packed with activities, posters, quizzes and trivia from the Star Wars universe, it's the...

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  • This title provides children with masses of knowledge in the shape of 1000 numbered facts. It covers five subjects: Earth & space, Prehistoric life, Animals, History and Science and is packed with amazing photographs and illustrations and hard-to-believe facts about the world. Along with fun activities, including mini projects and quizzes, it lets kids...

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  • This book isn't just about any body, it's about YOUR body and what it does all day. Meet the shrinking scientists who are staying with the Normal family - a "perfectly normal family" - and studying how their bodies work. Full of seriously squishy facts, cartoons and quizzes, it's the ultimate Horrible guide to YOU.

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