• Chuggetty, chuggety, clickety-clack, a train is coming along the track! Monkey is driving - hear him say, "Who wants a trip on my train today?" Join these jolly friends on their big day out. Children will love counting the creatures as they hop on the train - with chunky touch-and-feel carriages that are perfect for little hands!

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  • The book contains simple activities for little children to help them develop important skills such as hand control, coordination and concentration. Clear instructions for drawing, painting, fingerpainting, cutting paper and gluing. 11 activities include: fluffy lambs, muddy pigs, tractors, chirpy chicks, printed cows, hens,...

    6,49 € 9,51 € -31.8%
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  • A lively, noisy, funny text that encourages young children to walk and talk like the animals - including waddling like a penguin, stomping like a rhino and jiving and jiggling and jumping and wiggling to the monkey bop! Hugely entertaining book that offers plenty of scope for interaction and play.

    4,99 € 9,51 € -47.5%
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  • Life is not the same when your mum has a new baby, as Za-Za discovers in this enchanting book by Lucy Cousins, the award-winning author. A beautifully illustrated and irresistible picture book about the effect of a new arrival on family life. Offering a whole new storytelling experience, this picture book and DVD edition features a charming story...

    6,49 € 10,87 € -40.3%
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  • On the way to school, Ruby experiences a world her mum cannot see. In an old house, she spies bats and scary witches that flit about; and on her path, tigers, crocodiles and mighty beasts all abound! 'I must be brave, I must be strong,' chants Ruby. But will it work? Young readers will love joining this imaginative girl as she faces her fears and learns...

    6,99 € 14,95 € -53.25%
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  • A beautiful collection of four complete picture books, perfect for settling your little one at bedtime. Stories included in the anthology are: The Very Sleepy Sloth, The Smallest Bear, It Could Have Been Worse ... and Ouch!

    7,99 € 13,59 € -41.2%
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  • Over 50 fun projects that fly, fling, spin, swim, whoosh, zoom and ooze. Colourfully illustrated with step-by-step instructions and short explanations of the science involved. Links to 50 websites with online experiments, games and activities. Over 800 colourful stickers to decorate the projects.

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  • Learn all about the first major conflict of the 20th Century. This title provides detailed accounts of all the major battles and how the latest innovations such as submarines, tanks, poison gas and barbed wire helped shape the course of the war. It explores the impact of the war on the home front. It is illustrated with dramatic photographs and detailed...

    7,99 € 17,67 € -54.8%
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  • A comprehensive introduction to an important and fascinating major events associated with the Second World War. Paul Dowswell's informative and accessible text will immerse readers in the era, and hand-coloured black and white photographs give a unique and atmospheric look. Provides a genuinely international perspective, showing how people all over...

    7,99 € 17,67 € -54.8%
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  • Good evening. Mr Gum is a complete horror who hates children, animals, fun and corn on the cob. This book’s all about him. And an angry fairy who lives in his bathtub. And Jake the dog, and a little girl called Polly and an evil, stinky butcher all covered in guts. And there’s heroes and sweets and adventures and EVERYTHING...

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