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  • Discover the magical world of Neverland with these six stunning jigsaws. Follow Peter Pan and Wendy on a breathtaking journey to a land of fierce pirates, beautiful fairies and children who never grow old, a land where adventure is never far away! With six 24-piece jigsaws depicting famous scenes from the enduring classic and luminous dreamy artwork this...

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  • Everyone loves the Gruffalo, now available in a special board book edition, including six twelve-piece jigsaw puzzles. Children will have hours of fun assembling six favourite scenes from the book, while they read the complete original story. Contains a fun activity page at the end of the book.

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  • Spellbound, an original Shirley Barber fairytale, is full of the magic and beauty which has made the work of Shirley Barber known and loved around the world. Children of all ages will delight in piecing together Shirley Barber s exquisite illustrations. Each 48-piece jigsaw puzzle is accompanied by a simple story on opposite page.

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  • This wonderful jigsaw book introduces Angelina Ballerina to new readers, as well as existing fans, as the reader follows her through every day of the week. With its simple story and seven easy and sturdy 9-piece jigsaws, this is a perfect interactive book for young children.

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  • Contains six sparkling jigsaws that are accompanied by enchanting and engaging stories about fairies. Produced in a sturdy format, these 15-piece jigsaws can be used time and time again. Provides an interactive experience for children as they enjoy the challenge of completing a jigsaw, while entering the fantastical world of fluttering fairies.

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  • hese irresistible jigsaw books each contain six single-page jigsaw, based around popular themes for young children. Each of the beautifully illustrated jigsaws features 16 pieces that can be completed time and time again. Evocative narratives will sustain a child's attention whether they prefer the sparkling mermaid scenes or the perennially exciting...

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  • All fairies love to dance and feast, so there is great excitement when the Fairy King and Queen invite everyone to Princess Petal's birthday party. See if you can guess what presents the fairies are making for the royal baby, then join them at the party. You are invited!

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