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  • The must-have guide to one of the most innovative video games: Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. Written by Master Eon and featuring hints, tips, character profiles and all the vital info on the game's myriad of levels.

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  • Even very little girls love to dress up and dance, and they dream of learning ballet. In this very-first ballet book, Angelina appeals to these dreams She tells the young reader all about ballet class, including what a ballet student wears, how to tie your hair like a ballerina, simple steps and dances to try, and the end-of-term show, where everyone...

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  • The ideal book to inspire very young children to begin cooking. Each spread features a different recipe with clear step-by-step instructions. These are brought to life by Jo Litchfield's charming models and digital illustrations. Lavish colour photographs present the results of each dish. Delicious, mouth-watering recipes, including cheesy shapes and...

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  • Hello Kitty is every girl's best friend and her Guide to Life is packed with advice for girls of all ages. Featuring Kitty's tips on all kinds of topics, including: * customising your clothes * cool make-up tips * being confident, organised and happy * planning the perfect sleepover * discovering the ideal hobby * her favourite cities to visit And much more!

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