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  • Tumbling tigers, happy hippos, rumbling rhinos and more! These lively animals and other creatures will help youngsters to count from one to twelve with the clever cockatoos. This work teaches numbers up to twelve, introduces different animals, encourages reader interaction - two cockatoos hidden on every page and features Stephanie Bauer's child-friendly...

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  • This chunky board book is a fantastic introduction to numbers and is specially designed to help young children develop counting skills. Colourful photographs make learning fun as young readers practise counting from one to one hundred. Each number has a theme and features plenty of bright things to count. A perfect first number book to encourage...

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  • Move the clicking clock hands to match them to the times in this busy day for Bob and his friends. Than flip over to help him count lots of things around Sunflower Valley. The book introduces children to the concepts of time and counting through fun.  Clock face has chunky plastic hands, which make a clicking noise as they're moved. A sturdy...

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  • An interactive board book for babies and toddlers all about colours. With a simple, strong design, easy-to-read text, plus flaps to lift and tabs to pull which reveal hidden words and pictures. Sharp, clear images capture children's interest and the bold text labels are ideal to help them recognise first colours.

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  • From animals to food to machines, I Love the Farm is full of fascinating facts about all the things that can be found down on the farm. Using fantasic, full-colour pictures and fun, rhyming text, this picture book is perfect for preschool children who want to find out about life on the farm.

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  • The ideal book to inspire very young children to begin cooking. Each spread features a different recipe with clear step-by-step instructions. These are brought to life by Jo Litchfield's charming models and digital illustrations. Lavish colour photographs present the results of each dish. Delicious, mouth-watering recipes, including cheesy shapes and...

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  • Turn the pages of this bright and lively board book to find out what's happening at home. Very young children will love spotting and naming all the familiar objects.

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  • This colourful playbook from Ladybird's touch and count range is ideal for children aged 1-3 years. Touching each object as they count is the best way for young children to learn about numbers. The familiar rhymes and patterns will also help children with the skills they need for early reading and writing.

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  • A large and colourful counting book for very young children, illustrated with Jo Litchfield's much-loved models. Features a variety of scenes from the everyday to the exotic, including a playroom, fairyland, a birthday party and onboard a pirate galleon. Each double-page spread has circular indents for little fingers to touch and count, building from 1 in...

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