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  • A magical book of fairies filled with shiny, fluffy and shimmery patches that young children will love to touch and explore. Beautiful illustrations by Stephen Cartwright and Glen Bird show fairies as they sprinkle flowers with fairy dust, paint rainbows across the sky and light up the stars at night. The simple text and different textures help develop...

    6,49 € 12,23 € -46.9%
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  • Tumbling tigers, happy hippos, rumbling rhinos and more! These lively animals and other creatures will help youngsters to count from one to twelve with the clever cockatoos. This work teaches numbers up to twelve, introduces different animals, encourages reader interaction - two cockatoos hidden on every page and features Stephanie Bauer's child-friendly...

    5,49 € 8,15 € -32.6%
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  • Everyone loves the Gruffalo, now available in a special board book edition, including six twelve-piece jigsaw puzzles. Children will have hours of fun assembling six favourite scenes from the book, while they read the complete original story. Contains a fun activity page at the end of the book.

    8,49 € 14,95 € -43.2%
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  • Peter and Paul are the best of friends, but when Peter gets lost in a terrible storm he can't find Paul anywhere. With the help of a big blue whale Puffin Peter sets off to find him. They find all kinds of birds that match Peter's description but none of them is quite like Paul.

    5,49 € 9,51 € -42.3%
    Použitá - Veľmi dobrý
  • A heart-warming story that defies the conventional fairytale ending, from the award-winning creators of The Gruffalo, Tiddler and Stick Man. At Zog's school he must learn to fly, roar, breathe fire, capture princesses and fight knights. But whenever he gets a bump or a scrape, a mysterious little girl is always there to nurse him better. Perhaps Zog has a...

    6,99 € 14,95 € -53.25%
    Použitá - Veľmi dobrý
  • A delightful twist on a traditional tale The Princess and the Pea, this story includes all kinds of opportunities for mathematical fun! It features all kinds of chances for young mathematicians to put their adding and subtracting to the test! It introduces basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and includes a Test...

    6,49 € 10,87 € -40.3%
    Použitá - Veľmi dobrý
  • Step into a magical world of fairytales and adventures with this fantastic tresury of traditional stories. Girls of all ages will adore these wonderful tales, with over 40 traditional and beloved classics. Perfect to read alone or to share, at bedtime or anytime, Stories for Girls is a book to treasure forever.

    8,99 € 20,39 € -55.9%
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  • Bright, bold and busy artwork is sure to capture children's attention. With over 500 exciting things to spot, little boys will love to join Charlie and Freddie as they explore lots of different places. Hunt for leopards in the jungle, spot spooky ghosts in the haunted house and find fire breathing dragons in a knights castle!

    5,99 € 10,87 € -44.9%
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  • This book is an interactive first reference book packed with lively text and engaging, full-colour illustrations. The simple, direct approach is ideal for young readers, whose minds are simulated by clear language and straightforward definitions. Children can reinforce their understanding by trying out experiments and activities.

    7,99 € 14,95 € -46.55%
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  • The guide to the world of science, this book delves into the fascinating phenomena that can be found in laboratories and even in the world surrounding us. Find out where colours come from, why ice floats on water and how tiny nanobots could help to keep our bodies healthy, as well as many other fascinating facts which are guaranteed to engross any...

    6,99 € 13,59 € -48.6%
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